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M.J. Domet and the Power of Your Words

M.J. Domet, author of the book, ‘Waves of Blue Light’, is an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator from Grande Prairie Alberta.

Workshop Facilitator M.J. Domet

Workshop Facilitator M.J. Domet

The author has helped hundreds of people to develop powerful inner communication skills and I feel lucky enough to have participated in one of her workshops.

The workshop was entitled, ‘The Power of Your Words: Using Emotion in Your Writing’. After listing emotion-words like love, greed, anger, hate and so on we were asked to do this exercise:

  1. describe our morning- facts only;
  2. repeat the description to incorporate an emotion word; and
  3. write the morning’s activities as we actually felt them.

Following is my attempt at the exercise:

Facts Only

I woke up, made the coffee and prepared breakfast. My wife cleaned the house: it was the day the house cleaner was coming. Then I hid in my office, edited my memoir, and listened to the two women talking downstairs in the living room.

Inserting an Emotion Word

I’m greedy. I want the most out my money so I can get personal things. So, when I awoke, all I could think of was, I’m getting the coffee and making the breakfast to enable my wife to clean the house before the cleaning lady re-cleans the house: No wonder they have time to talk. I could use that money to buy a new tennis racket.

Real Emotions

I was tired but I knew I needed to get up early: the house cleaner was coming. I don’t mind so I prepared coffee and made the breakfast. After all, the house cleaner coming means I have free time to write.

Now, you try it in your writing. After all, don’t we tend to remember the feelings we have more than the words when we finish a book?